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Update... Litchi season is here!

posted May 31, 2010, 7:37 AM by Sumeet Gulati 

Update from Nicole and Sumeet

I have been waiting for some profound thoughts to come into my life or head so that I could find an opportunity to edify you all while giving my update. I have decided to give an update regardless. I am looking forward to receiving one from you. 
PS: if you want to see the images on this letter, please click on Display Images. They are all safe.

In Dehradun.

After we left Hyderabad on Feb 16, Nicole and I travelled back and forth between Delhi and Dehradun to discover, prayerfully, which place to live in. We discovered Dehradun to be a user friendly place for both Nicole and I. For Nicole because she will have access to a smaller city environment surrounded by mountains as well as access to lots of places to work and serve. For me because I need to travel to Haridwar once a week and this is the most convenient place to do so. 

Also, for pumpkin, our cat, who does not need to struggle in a cramped apartment but can roam around in the snake infested wild trees around us. 

We have found a good house that is centrally located on Rajpur road. It has space enough for guests so we are looking forward to having you over.  

House in Dehradun

Our house address is (we live on 1st floor): 
119/A Rajpur Rd. Jakhan, Behind New Disha Hospital, Dehradun, UK-248001

We have been blessed to have several visitors over already. In April, my parents came over to help us settle down. It was a relief as I was starting a new job and we were in a new place. We were able to take them to some nearby places. 

Mom Dad visiting Rajpur Park

This photo is from a nearby park called Rajpur Park.

In the month of May, we also had our first Hyderabadi guests. Vijay and Dorothy came along with their family for few days. We were very excited to spend some time with them and also tour some of the places around. 

Vijay and Family in Doon

Later we went to a camp ground in Kanatal that is located at 8000 feet above sea level. It was a good break from the heat. 

Recently our friend Uday Wagray, also from Hyderabad made a quick visit to our home while travelling to Mussorie on business trip. Yes, summer is a convenient time to have business trips in this part of the country!

Needless to say, we are looking forward to many of you visiting.  

My new job
I started my new role with a company called IT Hands. 

The new job has brought fresh excitement that new begining provides. I am learning to appreciate how to make the best of the little. It has been wonderful to witness the strength and confidence of the new team, even though they have been in a small town. Of course, the challenges remain for infrastructure and growth with power cuts and traffic jams but we have come a long way. Thankfully my commute is from my bedroom to my home office.  Please continue to pray for my transition into the new role. 

Litchi tree

A view from my office window that looks at a Litchi Orchard. Our house is in the middle of the orchard. Now all I need to do is focus on my work. 

Travel to US.
Nicole and I are travelling to the US during the month of June. I am going on work and Nicole would use this time to visit family and friends.  This visit is an important one for me to establish good working relationship with the sales team and partners. I will return early July and Nicole during the last week of July. 

Missing you...
Needless to say this but I should, I do miss you all. The deep and free conversations. The planning to meet and the enjoyable dinners. Observing the broken impression of God's perfect image in each of you and reading the story of  your life. I am grateful for your journey.  

Until later.

I send this with profound love of Christ,

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