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2/August/2009 Globalized family

posted Aug 1, 2009, 11:49 AM by Sumeet Gulati   [ updated Aug 2, 2009, 2:50 AM ]
Now I can proudly claim that I am in a highly "technologized" global life style! This week I coordinated an international cross cultural wedding ceremony with a wonderful person whi is officiating our the big event - Shan,  along with my bride and my self, where we shared wonderful personal ideas, for more than an hour, all being at different parts of the world - all for $0. Yes, if I were a skype salesman, I would really take this as a case study - "share your moments and make them count without paying a cent or paisa".

I am glad to be growing up in such a world (yes I am still growing up). However, seeking to find stability in constant movement has always been an interesting experience. In an ever changing global world where my relationships are getting re-defined with my own family and extended family being predominently in another country, and deciding to live in a part of India where both my wife and I would be outside culture.  How would I [and we] really belong anywhere? I am reminded of the songs composed by 'sons of Korah' whose forefathers had experienced a transient life that included rebellion from God and eventual grace of life. These sons of Korah wrote a song which claimed God to be the constant home during their pilgrimage on earth.

It is good to be @ home.

Home in a global world

The youtube song in video is not from the sons of Korah.
For their song, read Psalm 84 mentioned in the bible.