Gift Registry & FAQ

Where are we registered? - Gift Registry: We are so thankful for your desire to bless us on our wedding day. However, we are not able to transport gifts from our wedding in the U.S. to our home in India. We feel blessed enough by your friendship and presence at our wedding. While this is not expected, those who wish to give could give cash or checks made out to either of us. We would use the funds to help with the practical expenses of starting a life together (such as household items, improvements to our rented house, or perhaps a payment on our first vehicle).

What is the dress code?: You can wear whatever you are comfortable with, either Indian or Western. There would be quite a few guests and family members wearing Indian clothes.

What ID information is needed?: Security protocol at Peterson Air Force base requires us to submit the list of all guests along with their identification. In order for you to clear security at the site of the reception, please e-mail your identification details. Please send this information along with your RSVP by August 1st, 2009.
1) For US Citizens or US Residents: U.S. driver's license (state, number)
2) For US children too young to drive:
Date of birth
2) For Foreign visitors: Passport number, country of issue, and date of issue and expiry

You will also need to show your driver's license and/or passport to the security personnel to enter the reception site.