Our Wedding Party

Our wedding date is August 22nd, 2009, in Colorado Springs.

Following are the people in the wedding.

Our Parents:


 Nicole with her dad and mom,
Lt. Col Joseph and Rita Craddock
 Sumeet's parents -
Virendra and Shashi Gulati

Maid of Honor:

Denise has been an unending source of love and support to Nicole since they met in Colorado in 1996. With her kindness, helpfulness, easy-going nature, and gentle humor, Denise is a very beloved friend. The two shared an apartment for six years before Nicole moved to India, so she is actually more of a sister. Denise has two remarkable qualities that have made a profound impact in Nicole’s life—trusting God in the face of serious illnesses (without worrying or complaining), and genuinely accepting each and every person she knows. Nicole is very grateful to have Denise as her maid of honor.

Best Man:

Anirudh 'Rudy' and Sumeet have known each other since 2004. Rudy and Sumeet share similar longings though amazingly different expressions about how they both perceive life (better way of saying that they both seldom agree on how to approach matters:-).

Anirudh's passion for people and for God has impacted Sumeet's relationship at various level. From Anirudh, Sumeet has learnt how to make best of every situation, including small office spaces. 

Both Rudy and Sumeet have shared lots of experiences together and understood from each other what commitment to a brother is all about. Rudy is truly a good friend and surely the best man for the wedding.



Shini’s friendship has been a great encouragement to Nicole since they met in Colorado five or six years ago. The two have spent many hours drinking tea and discussing all aspects of life and culture. Nicole really enjoys Shini’s warmth, enthusiasm for life, practical wisdom, and commitment to her relationships. Shini’s 25 years of courtship and marriage have shown Nicole what wonderful spouses Indians can be! She feels blessed to have Shini as a friend and a bridesmaid.


Nicole is very proud of her brilliant friend Rachel who is a professor of Chinese studies at Oxford University. Rachel and Nicole became friends in 1993 when they lived in the same building in Taiyuan, China. Over the years they have met up in Australia (Rachel’s home at the time), China again, England (Rachel’s home currently), and Colorado (Nicole’s on and off home). So Rachel deserves special honor as a “four-continent friend!” Rachel’s genuineness, humor, sense of adventure, and sensitivity to others continue to make the friendship worth much more than international plane tickets. Nicole is thrilled that Rachel can be present as a bridesmaid.



Sridhar is Sumeet's brother-in-law. Sridhar has been an encouraging friend and also wonderful support to Sumeet during his visits to US. Sridhar was the first family member that Sumeet shared about Nicole. Sridhar provided great encouragement to Sumeet in persuing this wonderful relationship, with all Sumeet's heart. It is a delight that Sridhar can be part of the wedding.
 Yilmaz or 'Yilmaximus' and Sumeet or Sumaximus have been friends from more than 8 years. Yilmaz and Sumeet used to be apartment mates. During their years of friendship, Yilmaz taught Sumeet about what it means to care for friends and watching out for their needs. For instance, Yilmaz was wonderful about cooking for Sumeet when he realized that Sumeet had a bad day. He is a wonderful turk and enjoys his soccer while living in the Netherlands

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